Many years at sector

Founded in 1973, Dünya Plastik with the philosophy based on improving quality, functionality and design of the products; does not only exist within the borders of domestic market, but also one of the important players in international area. Adapting many years experience at plastic sector to technological improvement our age brings, Dünya Plastik proving service to its consumers with a wide product range.

Global standarts at production

Dünya Plastik exports most of its products and our company continues to be one of the leading organizations of the sector with its customer oriented and quality product range. 

From Turkey to the Whole World

Dünya Plastik exports most of the products foremost to Russian Republics and Balkan countries, including the Middle East, North Africa and exported to various countries in Europe. Being known brand inland and abroad, Dünya Plastik presents innovative solutions which meet any kind of requirement and keeps strengthening its plave in market each and every day.


*ISO:9001:2015 Certificate; 
*ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Registration Certificate;
*Production Permit Certificate isssued by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on materials which are intended to come into contact with foodstuffs;

With certificates it has, Dünya Plastik proved that it does its best in accordance with the rules.